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About MiN

MiN is a Portuguese minimalist and sustainable fashion brand that values ​​transparent and responsible consumption.
A combination of timeless models of clean and sophisticated lines for people that are interested on a modern and more conscious lifestyle, who care about Nature and the Environment, always having as main concern the comfort and quality of the piece.

We prioritize raw materials of natural and organic fibers such as cotton, linen, wool and ecological materials. A percentage of our garments are also produced with fabrics from surplus factory production and stocks of Portuguese stores and thus we avoid textile waste and minimize the aggression to the environment, as we do not produce new fabrics but give life to the already existing ones.

Buying MiN is supporting sustainable fashion, fair trade, craft production among many other aspects of social responsibility. It is a way of thinking and acting and this is how we want to position ourselves more and more as we grow.

MiN Concept

Each piece is designed and modeled by us in our small studio in Lisbon.
We do not rely on fashion collections instead we follow our own aesthetic and timeless concept.
Most of our garments are one size only, which fits the majority of people and this feature helps us to avoid stockpiling and textile waste.

We produce on a small scale in family factories in northern and central Portugal.
Due to the craftsmanship involved, each piece is unique and exclusive. And this is the final touch that gives them the MiN identity.